1. Jodi Blackburn says

    I registered 4 people for the half marathon last year and then had their entry transfered to this year. How does that work and what do I need to do now. Jodi Blackburn, Harley (william) blackburn, Joseph Blackburn, Kaye Blackburn (Thompson)

    I want to use them this year. I would like to change Jodi Blackburn’s to the full marathon.


    • jayburke says

      Sorry for the slow reply, this was buried in SPAM (ugh to SPAM). No full marathon any longer, sorry.

  2. Jan Bohrer says

    I have walked the half marathon in each of the last 2 events. It wasn’t a stellar time but I finished. I had originally planned to repeat this year….. Until I read that there is now a 4 hour cut-off to complete the course. Since it’s taken me about 4 1/2 hours to finish each year, I am choosing not to register for the 1/2 marathon as I would rather not be told that the course is closed when I’m still 30 minutes out from finishing.

    I did register to participate in the 5K, but that’s not the same…..