What we do

Mountain Trails In Action

We are a non-profit organization that is Park City’s trail advocate group, we’re dedicated to supporting and promoting local trails now and into the future for non-motorized recreational use.

MTF is currently responsible for the maintenance and development of a portion of the local trails system (Round Valley and the Rail Trail as an example), both during summer and winter. We work closely with two major trail developers in the basin; Synderville Basin Special Rec District (aka, Basin Recreation), and Park City Municipal (aka The City).  These organizations, along with open space advocates that we work with, are instrumental in helping to create a year round seamless trail system, and because of it, we have one of the best trails networks in the country!

The long-term goal of the Mountain Trails Foundation is to provide the greater Park City community and its visitors with diverse recreational opportunities, and continue to foster strong relationships with the local organizations and open space groups which can help make it all happen.

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