PINECONE TRAIL – Gem of the Wasatch!

New Trail Feature (July 2012):  Pinecone Trail

So by now (if you are an avid trail user), it should be no secret that a new trail has opened in the Park City Trail System.  Not just any trail, but a bar-setting,

Charlie heading into the trees on the Northern side of Pinecone Ridge

blow-your-mind, instant classic kind of trail.  Mountain Trails Director, Charlie Sturgis, believes that combining last years Armstrong Trail with the new Pinecone Trail creates what could be the best trail in the Western United States!  Is he jaded?  Sure, he’s a Park City Resident, but if you’ve ridden or hiked the trails together there is certainly truth to be found in his statement.

Building of the nearly 4 miles of trail started last fall (2011) and continued as soon as the snow melted off this spring.  As you can image, progress was slow due to the forest that the trail moves through.  Troy Duffin and his crew at Alpine Trails did a tremendous job of weaving this trail in and out of the trees and keeping the grade at a premium pitch for pleasurable climbing (say that three times fast).

Often times many of us in Park City are unaware of the effort that goes into developing one of these new trails, it seems new trails just pop-up out of nowhere every summer, kind of like the spring wildflowers.  However, there’s a lot of effort that goes into every single trail that’s added to our system, and this one is no different. Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District managed this project and the contractor for the design and build, as mentioned earlier, was Alpine Trails.   Basin Recreation’s, Senta Beyer, had her work cutout from the get-go on this project, especially with most

In the midst of the Pinecone Trail

of the land being private, this was a big project.  The multiple easements that needed to be negotiated were with Talisker, The Colony/Iron Mountain Associates, and private land owner Jack Gallivan – all of whom stepped up huge and granted the easements with no monetary exchange!  Additionally, both Talisker and Iron Mountain Associates contributed funding to the completion of this project, and if you couple those funds with the $29,000 grant received from the Summit County Restaurant Tax, this project was completed at nearly no cost to the public!

I’ve personally had the pleasure of riding Pinecone twice now, and I can honestly say in my mind it’s the “Gem of the Wasatch.”  Huge thanks to all the wonderful trail advocates and supporters that made this project happen.

Trail Details
TRAIL NAME:  Pinecone Trail
PROJECT MANAGED BY:  Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District
LAND CONTRIBUTIONS:  Jack Gallivan, Talisker, and The Colony/Iron Mountain Associates
FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONS:  Summit County Restaurant Tax Grant, Talisker, and The Colony/Iron Mountain Associates
ONGOING MANAGEMENT: Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District
MAP:  See Map of New Trail (turquoises blue near bottom left side of map)

Stay tuned for details on a Grand Opening Celebration some time later this month (July).