Summer Trail Projects – 2014

Summer seems to be in full swing now, warm temps and all the backcountry trails are open.  If you’ve not noticed, there are a lot of projects going on around town (and we are not talking about road work!) – we are talking about trails and paths. We thought we’d take a moment and outline a few of the larger projects going on this summer, most are happening right here in the greater Park City area.

Here is a brief summary of the projects Park City Municipal projects going on this Park-City-logosummer.

  1. Stoneridge/Gilmore Property Improvements:  This is the piece of property on the Northwest side of Round Valley recently acquired with funds from the County’s open space bond. There will be a singletrack connection (approx. 2 miles long) from the Trailside area over to the small parking area on Old Ranch Road, Mountain Trails Foundation will be building this.  Additionally, there will be a 10′ soft surface trail going in on the property, more multi-use oriented (Nordic skiing, young families, etc.), access will be from the new Trailside parking area just East of the LDS Church.
  2. In town, The City will be working on a number of Walkability Initives/Projects this summer.  The focus will be on the Dan’s (Fresh Market) to Jan’s area (Park Ave), as well as, the Snowpark area.  A project you are probably noticing if you travel the City Park/Poison Creek Pathway is the widening of this.  It is going from 8′ to 12′ wide, studies showed at peak times nearly 500 people use this trail – this project should be wrapping up very soon.

BasinRecSnyderville Basin Special Recreation District has multiple large and small projects going on this summer and into the fall.

  1. TRAILSIDE BIKE PARK Expansion – this phase of the project is nearly complete, a new advanced flow line and an all-mountain loop. For more information about the project, CLICK HERE!
  2. RASMUSSEN and KILBY ROAD Paved Trail Project – As identified in the 2010 Trails and Open Space Bond, this project is underway, paving a trail from Kimball Junction to Jeremy Ranch Elementary School along Rasmussen Road. Additionally, a paved trail from Gorgoza Tubing Park to Summit Park is also in the design phase with the hope for construction to begin this summer.
  3. PRI – Kimball Junction Trail –  This is another bond project that is in the planning phase. We are currently working on land acquisition that will allow us to complete Millennium Trail from the pedestrian underpass near Whole Foods and tie into Millennium Trail adjacent to the Liberty Peak Townhomes where a new trail parking area will also be built.
  4. HWY 40 PEDESTRIAN/WILDLIFE UNDERPASS – This project is a cooperative effort between UDOT, Utah Department of Natural Resources, Summit County, Park City Municipal, and Basin Recreation to provide access underneath Hwy 40 just south of Home Depot. The last of the needed funds were finally acquired over the winter through a Summit County RAP Grant. Construction will begin later summer and will be completed this fall.
  5. SILVER CREEK TRAIL – Basin Recreation is working closely with the residents of Silver Creek to construct the first public trail in their neighborhood. This will be a 4 to 6-foot wide gravel path alongside the roads. This project is in the design phase and we are working to complete the trail by early fall.
  6. SPRING CREEK TRAILHEAD PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE – This project will provide an off-road crossing for the East Canyon Creek from the Spring Creek trailhead to the Stealth Trail. The contract has been awarded and construction will begin mid July when high water in the creek has subsided.
  7. HI UTE RANCH – Basin Recreation has been and is currently working with Utah Open Lands and the family who owns the ranch to build a single track trail from Ecker Hill Middle School to Hunters Trail. We are still negotiating details of where and when construction will begin, but are hopeful that we will see the trail being built this fall.

Our friends down to our South with the Wasatch Trails Alliance will be busy this summer! Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.40.15 AMMultiple projects in the dirt and planning phases.

  1. The big one, W.O.W. Trail (Wasatch Over the Wasatch).  This trail will eventually connect Summit and Wasatch Counties, construction is underway!  Mountain Trails is happy to be assisting with the build of portions of this trail, both with machinery and labor.
  2. Dutch Hollow to Riverview Trail connection under Hwy 40.  Construction is anticipated to start on this trail and make it to the highway, completion in the near future once some easements are in place.
  3. The Heber Valley Railway Trail feasibility and engineering study will be happening this summer thanks to a grant from U.D.O.T.  This will be a potential pathway system that will connect Heber to the trail system at Soldier Hollow and on to the perimeter trail of Deer Creek Reservoir.
  4. Watch this area closely in the coming year or two, this is going to be a hotbed for trail development and human-powered recreation.

MTF_blackLast, but not least, Mountain Trails Foundation will be very busy this summer as well.  We’ve already mentioned a few of the projects they will be involved with, but here are the details.

  1. Stoneridge/Gilmore parcel trail, engineering and construction of the 2.5 mile backcountry trail section from the Old Ranch Road parking area to the Silver Summit Pkwy (Trailside) area.  This project is scheduled for completion by September.
  2. Dawn’s Trail is a shorter connecting trail off of Armstrong trail which will give a nice loop option for those not wanting to go up to the H.A.M. connection (which is a 7 mile loop if you come down Spiro Trail).  This trail loop should be just under 4 miles when complete, construction has started .
  3. W.O.W. trail labor and equipment work (see Wasatch Trail Alliance) on the section of trail under the Brighton Estates area.
  4. A small re-route project in Round Valley on the Backslide Trail which will overcome an erosion plagued portion of that trail, near completion now thanks to great volunteer groups like the Mid-Week Mountain Bike series that came out to dig last weekend.
  5. Spiro switchback work – creating grade reversals and bermed turns to mitigate the extensive washboard that has developed over the last few years.

Of course all of these organizations where out this spring doing maintenance and clearing work getting everything prepared for the summer use.  If you see any of these crews out on the trails, be sure to show your gratitude.  For current conditions, you can visit the links below and we will see you in the dirt. Mountain Trails Foundation Interactive Trail Conditions Page Basin Recreation Trail Report Page Wasatch Trails Alliance (report on homepage)