Are You a Trail User? Be a Member!

You would think that the membership depth of the Mountain Trails Foundation would be significant.  Unfortunately, if you look at the number of users (both winter and summer), you’ll see a significant gap between the two.  As a comparison, The Utah Nordic Alliance membership sits about 150% higher than ours.

So if you are a user of the trail system here in the Park City area, please consider supporting Mountain Trails for these reasons:

  • Your trail system is a coordinated and seamless effort by Snyderville Basin Recreation, Summit County, Park City Municipal and the Mountain Trails.
  • Mountain Trails, along with these agencies, promote, maintain and build trails for the non-motorized user.
  • Mountain Trails supports public education for the responsible and environmentally friendly use of trails.
  • Mountain Trails oversees and distributes new trail maps yearly for both winter and summer recreation.
  • Mountain Trails promotes responsible recreation and trail development yielding 350+ miles of trails. Our success depends on your membership.

Here is how you can donate today >

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