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Spring Equals Muddy Trails, Know Before You Go!


As you get ready to head out the door to you favorite trail this spring, please consider whether or not it is truly “ready-to-use.”  What does “ready-to-use” mean?  As an example, it means that the Glenwild trail system is not … more

Hospital to Build Organic Garden and Support MTF!


This summer, Park City Medical Center is putting its money where its mouth is, literally. The hospital has plans to build a 1,900-square-foot organic community garden on its campus. The garden will be free and open to the public. “We’ll … more

Dog Poop – In Case you Missed it.


The attached letter has received some play in the local media, in case you missed it, we thought we would share it. Also, huge thanks to those that helped in the clean-up efforts mentioned in the letter, spring is indeed … more