IMBA Names Park City the 1st Gold Level Ride Center!

Park City used to be a silver mining town, but now it’s gold – mountain biking gold.  As you may have heard, the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) recently named the Park City area the world’s first Gold Level Ride Center.  For comparison purposes, that’s like SKI Magazine naming Deer Valley the #1 Ski Resort.

A perfect score on IMBA’s evaluation criteria is 100.  In the history of the Ride Center Program, no other place has ever broken 90, but when the Mountain Trails Foundation submitted the evaluation form on behalf of the Park City area last fall, we received a score of 96!!!  This was a community-wide effort because IMBA considered such wide ranging criteria such as the number of miles, quality of the trails, quality of rooms and restaurants, bike shops, trailhead facilities, bike parks, brew pubs, and even cooperation between government, businesses, and land owners in making this a great place to ride.

They were so impressed with Park City that in addition to being the first Gold Level Ride Center, IMBA has designated Park City as the model ride center for their whole Ride Center program.  That means other places will come to Park City to find out what they can do to improve their trails and to create a sustainable trail system.  IMBA has also included Park City as a recommended destination on their website.

Visitors will be able to go to the IMBA website and book trips to Park City.  Because of your affiliation with this group, you can become a designated partner on the IMBA website – meaning consumers could click straight from the IMBA site to your website to help facilitate their trip to Park City.

As part of the community who helped make this possible, we have asked IMBA if we could offer our local partners the opportunity to have a replica of the IMBA Gold Level Ride Center award to display in their business, and they have agreed to make them available.  You can even have your name engraved on it if you would like.

The International Mountain Biking Association’s Gold Level Ride Center award is quite an honor.  It is also recognition for lots of hard work, and lots of good fun, by lots and lots of people. We hope you will want to join us in proudly displaying one of the IMBA Gold Level Ride Center awards at your establishment.  The award will communicate your participation in making this a town visitors want to come to all year round, and it may even serve as a conversation starter so winter visitors have an opportunity to ask about summer and fall activities here in Park City.

If you would like to order your IMBA award for display, please send a check payable to Mountain Trails Foundation for $100 by May 15th.  Awards will be handed out at a celebratory event in early June to which you will receive an invitation.  In addition to the cost of the award, your donation will help Mountain Trails Foundation and IMBA build and maintain miles of trails.


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