Trail Update and Maps…

Trail Update: Our very own Rick Fournier spent a lot of time in the field this week (as he always does – thanks Rick) and here are a few of his observation on trail status in the DV and PCMR areas up a bit higher on the mountain.

In the greater Daly Canyon area, Lower Des Suds/Empire Link are still inundated with good sized patches of snow and many blow-downs/dead-fall- more hiking than biking.  I had the crew remove blow-downs on Gravedigger & Sweeny’s- both are clear and dry along with 4:20.  John’s Trail is free of snow/dead-fall and is in good shape.

Further north, Crescent Mine grade has been cleared of dead-fall and with the exception of one patch of snow is riding great all the way to Crescent Ridge Rd- beyond that skiing is a better option.  Eagle is clear to Spiro & Spiro down to Silver Spur and down to the base area- rumor has it Spiro still has snow up high as you get into Thayne’s, as you’d expect.

I’m sure that there are sections of Mid Mountain that are clear but I’m guessing that it will be the 4th or later before it’s entirely clear of snow.

Trail Maps:  Good News, the trail maps are delivering today. Get your copy today for a $5 donation to Mountain Trails, which will help cover the cost of producing the piece.  Read this story in Park Record.
>  In Town:  Jans/White Pine Touring or Cole Sport
> Snyderville Basin:  19 Sports at the Canyons.
> At Kimball Junction:  ZB Sports (next to Maxwell’s in Newpark)

Road Respect Rally in Park City Tuesday, MTF was there:

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