Winter Conditions

This report will give brief & broad-view updates as conditions change (storms, warm spells, etc) on the Park City area trails.  The report will be updated weekly (or more) if conditions permit.

Updated for the Weekend of:  March 10th

Mountain Trails Foundation
Grooming & Maintenance Areas
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The trails that MTF maintains will be groomed 7 days a week (note: Not all trails are groomed everyday) Things seem to pretty much be done for the season.  If we get a long, wet, cold snap we will see what we can do.
Quinn’s & Round Valley Way Trails: Hat Trick, Land of Oz, Matt’s Flat, Seventy 101, etc
On Hold
Highland/Eastside Trails: Silver Quinn, Barrel Roll & Round Valley Express On Hold
Inner/Round Valley Proper: Two Pines, Quarry Rd, Rademan Ridge, Cammy’s, etc. On Hold
Rail Trail
On Hold.

For most up-to-date reporting in Mountain Trails management areas please see grooming report boards at Quinn’s and Round Valley Way Trailheads.  Also, you can always get “touch-up” reporting on our Facebook page (Mountain Trails Foundation).  

Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District
Grooming & Maintenance Areas
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The Basin Trails are targeted for grooming on Tuesday and Fridays.  
Basin 5K Nodic Loop – UOP
(This area is for skiing only)
Skiing is holding strong here!
Willow Creek, McLeod Creek, & Miss Billy’s
Done for the year.
Newpark/Fieldhouse Trail, 224 (East Side) & Millennium (West 224)
Done for the year.
Woods at Parley’s Lane, Ecker Hill Middle School.
Done for the year.

For most up-to-date reporting in Basin Recreation management areas please see the online grooming report.  Also, you can always get brief reporting on their Facebook page (Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District).

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