The New Dawn’s Trail


Dawn Bowling was a friend of the community and a wonderful part of the Mountain Trails Foundation team, sadly we lost her last year to cancer.  In her memory, we recently named our newest trail after her.  Dawn’s trail is located between … more

Mountain Trails Photo Contest!


We are looking for one great trail image!  The shot will be featured on our 2015 printed trail map and your name will be credited for the image.  And, if you are the chosen photographer, you get to pick one Mountain Trails … more

Live PC Give PC, It’s Just Around the Corner!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.21.43 PM

Mark your calendars folks, the day of giving is near – Live PC Give PC! Here is the deal, we’re not asking you to become an MTF Member (there will be another day for that).  We need you to Support human-powered … more